I was really excited about the character [Ridley Duchannes]. She’s kind of a scene-stealer in the book, and very self-indulgent. She’s a dark witch, or caster, and - very glamourous, very seducing, very self-centered. So, obnoxious and fun to play. I’ve never played a bad girl before, and she’s kind of deliciously evil.


Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde


Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde

Anonymous asked:
"Why people call them 'Dream Team'? Is it a thing?"


It is most definitely a thing! Individually they’re great and all, but together they are unstoppable. When you put their minds together and combine it with the insane chemistry they have, Harry and Louis are the perfect duo

They’re sneaky little menaces

Football mates

They trust each other

Great support system

They team up against the other boys

They’re so in sync with each other they defy science

They organize acapella performances

And when they walk side by side they OWN THE WORLD

"We would release a song with Harry. We ended up writing a song and having fun. Whatever’s released is released,”

“We did write a really cool love song. His voice is really strong. I didn’t know what to expect, he just started singing. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s got a great voice’."
— Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan on writing with Harry x (via harryspocket)



Can we just have every superhero react like that?

"A spider bite… gave me abs…?"

"Being put in a barrel of radioactive waste… gave me abs…?" 

"Watching my parents die…gave me abs?"